What would our country be like today if George Washington had chosen to be king over the U.S.?Page Created By: KB, SC, CG, (SOTH)
external image moz-screenshot.jpgIf George Washington had become king the US might be really close to what England is like today. However, the US might have gone to war with England because the US would was to similar to England. England might have gone to war with the US because they might have thought that they lost some of their citizens for no apparent reason. They might also have thought that the US should really be part England because it is so similar. In that case some of the other countries that might have had the same political system might have thought that the US belongs to that country, many countries might have gone to war if that had happened. So the US might be a part of England or some other country today and it might not be a separate and free country, which wouldn't be good.

external image moz-screenshot-1.jpgAlso we would have an monarchy, so we wouldn't be free at this exact time and moment that we are reading this. Because we wouldn't be free, we might be fighting for our freedom right now. Other countries might be fighting with us so that we can become freedom, in other words we might be having World War III this very instant (but probably not). Also if we lost that war we probably wouldn't have been able to get our freedom because people would keep a better eye on us and make sure we don't become free. If we did win the war life would probably be a lot similar to what is today in a couple of years.

external image moz-screenshot-2.jpgIf George Washington had become king he probably would have prevented political parties from forming. The people of the United States wouldn't be able to vote for who they want to rule the US, they would just have to live with whoever was ruling at the time. He was also big on religion and morality. So the US would probably be really big on religion, maybe not the right one but it would still be big on religion. Also we might, might, have a more honest country with more laws to keep it honest and such. We would also probably have a very strong federal government. George Washington praised that federal government and thought that it was the "main pillar in the edifice of your real independence". He also said that we should cherish public credit. In this case some people would like him and others wouldn't today. We probably wouldn't have any foreign alliances with any other country, plus the president, king, or whatever, wouldn't really trust any other countries. We probably wouldn't have a large military, or any ideas of having a large military, today. (All of these things were said in his farewell address, click on the website that goes to George Washington's farewell address at the bottom of the page.) If George Washington believed in these things you can bet that he would have taught the heirs to the thrown what he believed. Those beliefs would have went from generation to generation, so we would probably have the these policies, or something close to these policies, today. (To see more rules that we might have to follow look at the link of George Washington's rules of civility.)

external image moz-screenshot-3.jpgIf George Washington had become king over the U.S., we could have a monarchy or a democracy. George Washington was very fixated on free country and not to be ruled by England any more. Washington could have started out a strong demomcracy and the next president could have made it into a monarchy. George Washington started a strong goverment and nation and our goverment and nation is still strong still. ~CG-SOTH~

George Washington
Why is this important to US history?

external image moz-screenshot-4.jpgThis is important to US history because if George Washington had become king we might be being ruled by a king this very moment. Also we might not have political parties and such. England might have gone to war with us because they might think that it isn't fair that some of their citizens left and became a new nation; the citizens had said that they wanted a different kind of country were they could be free and such (or something along that line). If George Washington had become king than England might have thought that it isn't fair that the citizens left to have a new kind of country but ended up having the exact same country as before. England would probably be mad because they lost citizens for an okay reason, but then the citizens didn't use that reason. Things would be very different in the United States if George Washington had become king.

external image moz-screenshot-5.jpgIf George Washington wanted to be king over the U.S. he could have made the U.S. into a monarchy today also. We could be living underneath a king that taxes us and hurts our country for the benefit of himself. But George Washington wanted to keep our country a free one just like our country was fighting for. The people of our country needed a leader who could help them make it through the rough time with Great Britian. ~CG-SOTH~

external image moz-screenshot-6.jpgThis is important to our history because we needed a strong leader to lead our country to a better tommorow. George Washington was the correct choice for our first president and first leader of our brand new country. George Washington lead our country into a strong future just like today. If we had not elected him, and chosen someone else. The other guy could have chosen to be king over the U.S. and made it into a monarchy and ruled the monarchy just like Great Britian. ~CG-SOTH

Websites Included:
George Washington's farewell address, what he praises and extols: http://www.earlyamerica.com/earlyamerica/milestones/farewell/ -KB-SOTH

George Washinton's rules of civility: http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/washingtoncivility.htm -KB-SOTH