Could have the attacks on 9/11 been prevented?

created by PG-OS and DH-SOTH

Why is this important to U.S. History?

I chose the question "Could the attacks on 9/11 been prevented," first because I thought it would be a very interesting subject to research. I also thought it was something that made a big impact on US history. I think the question of prevention of the 911 attacks is important to US history because if we know if the attacks could have been prevented we might be able to avoid something similar to them in the future. It was important to history because without the event we may not know of some of the ways bombs can be transported on planes and we may not be trying to prevent events somewhat alike in the future, and air travel or any kind of travel would not be as safe as it is now. Without that event we may also have not entered the War, which would have changed history drastically. Just as not preventing the most of the attacks made history, the prevention could make history, too. Even though the U.S. was and is well protected, the 9/11 attacks showed that the U.S. can always be better protected, and that we shouldn't be satisfied with just "well," but always try to make it better. (PG-OS)

I think that this is important to U.S. History because it increased our awareness of terrorist threats and attacks. Many people think going through airport security is just a big waste of time but it protects people every day. Because of the tragedy of 9/11 the Department of Homeland Security has been set up to protect the United States from any type of terrorist threat or attack. This event drastically changed the nation because it showed most Americans that the United States is not untouchable and many people want to hurt us in any way that they can. (DH-SOTH)


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I think that 9/11 could have been prevented because the federal government got warning from Al Qaida that there was going to be a terrorist attack. The FBI and other intelligence agencies got information but they decided it was just another fake threat. I also think 9/11 could have been prevented if the FBI and CIA and other intelligence agencies also could have worked together. (DH-SOTH)

external image 02027r.jpg This picture was dedicated to all those affected by the 9/11 attacks, some of which were killed. If intelligence officials had looked into the possibilities of how a plane could crash into the W.T.C., the lives lost may have been saved.
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September 11, 2001 was the day two hijacked planes crashed into the Wold Trade Center and another one with the Pentagon. The fourth was set to collide with something else in Washington D.C., most likely the White House or Camp David, but the passengers on the plane stopped the hijacker from carrying out his plan. Bush called this an "apparent terrorist attack."

I think the 9/11 attacks could have been prevented because if we had not settled with just, "unlikely," and had looked at all the viable ways of flying a plane into the World Trade Center (W.T.C.) to see whether it was possible for the attacks to occur we may have been able to prevent the forewarned attacks.

There were numerous warnings of potential terrorist attacks to U.S. intelligence officials. One was on August 6, 2001. A national security memo informed President Bush that al-Qaeda agents, who were already in the U.S., would possibly launch a terrorist attack during the next few weeks using hijacked aircrafts. Bush then took a vacation. The Federal Aviation Administration thought the very meticulous, explicit alerts, saying an Arab group intended to fly a plane into the W.T.C., obtained later were not very probable because of the country's, at that time current, state of their aviation program. They thought that a foreign aircraft would be detected before it reached U.S. soil. They might have been correct that a foreign aircraft may not reach U.S. soil undetected, but later it was determined from another warning that it would be a U.S. commercial airliner to strike the W.T.C. Still not many tried to stop the attacks or even try to determine whether the warnings were true. The FBI said, "The FBI's New York office took no action on the information," and, "The FBI didn't know what it had." Even Senator Bob Graham stated ""But collectively I think there was enough (evidence) there that we should have done a better job of seeing what was coming and hopefully, with luck, stopping it." Through the warnings they had very detailed information and should have looked into the case more thoroughly.

So it has been concluded by many, including Senator Bob Graham, that there was enough information that we should have taken more action of trying to stop the 9/11 attacks. However, it is indefinite, at this point, whether the attacks on September 11, 2001 could have been prevented and we may never know the answer. It is certain we did not try as hard as we could have to avoid the attacks and if we had tried harder people's lives may not have been lost. (PG-OS)